Urban and residential design services includes pre-project planning and research, urban design, landscape planning, residential planning and construction as well as the site planning and design. Based on SUNLAY's strong ability in architecture, our planning emphasizes concept innovation while pays more attention to the operability, for which we are well known. In our planning we integrate the economy, architecture and landscape factors and are good at shaping the space and establishing of urban design guide rules. SUNLAY specializes in high quality residential planning and design and adds value to the product through our design, bringing both use value and spiritual value to our customers. Our works diverse in style, own high level of implementation and enjoy a high reputation in the industry. SUNLAY is committed to the design and research of scientific and technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction and highly comfortable living condition. We also provide research work in product line of industrialized and professional standard. The professional site planning design provides various complex sites with optimization solution for roads, vertical and comprehensive networks.
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