Structure Design 


SUNLAY structure design adheres to the structure design theory of innovation, diligence and optimization. In the structure design process we are devoted to fully understand architect's design theme, innovation idea and help the architect to achieve a more perfect result through continuous technology innovation. As for conventional multi-layers and high-rise programs, we focus more on the economic rationality of the structure while ensuring the safety of the structure; For complex projects we strive for the economic rationality of the structure on the basis of concerning the safety of the structure; in dealing with problems in the construction site, we manage to achieve fast feedback and timely resolution; The Structure design team has not only completed the structure design of large numbers of office, hotel, residential, villas and commercial complexes but also completed the design and consulting of some super high-rise buildings and complex structure. They have shown their unique feature especially in the structure optimization design.
SUNLAY structure design team both establish ourselves in completing company construction project and expand and enlarge our extensive cooperation and communication with our counterparts. We can independently undertake structure design and consulting projects and possess the ability to work independent or cooperate with other agencies to complete complex and ultra limit structure. We are able to ensure design to pass smoothly to obtain valuable time and economic benefits for the owner.
SUNLAY structure design and consulting team offers a whole-progress and wide-range technical services.
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