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人类最早的聚居形态是“住所”加“通径”,社区是城市社会组织和居民生活的基本,社区不只是居住的机械空间,同时具有促进社区主体间交往、交流的功能。面向二十一世纪的居住区,三磊更强化内涵和品性标示,强调居住文化融合体现 “天人合一”的人文自然观与“己事、家事、国事、天下事”之责任感。
The most ancient living form of human beings consists of “place” and “road”. There is housing when there are people. Community is the base of city social organization and living which is not only the space for life, but also has the function of communication. Sunlay emphasizes connotation and quality no matter it is traditional, modern or multiple.
Sunlay design of residential community includes hill and waterfront community, low-density community, multi-story community, high-rise community and mixing community. We believe that a good place for living needs to be harmonious with the local natural environment. When we are design it, we need to consider the geographic environment (such as landform and climate), social environment( such as level of local development of economy and city planning etc.).
At the same time, we put emphasis on conceptual innovation and strong landing sense. By combination with economy, architecture and landscape, we realize the maximum use of land and maximum value of product. Our design is diverse and easy to realize, which makes us enjoy high fame in the industry. Meanwhile, we aim at the design and research of houses of technological innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction and high comfort sense. We also provide our customers with industrialized and standardized product line research..
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