Urban Rehabilitation 



According to the principle of sustainable development, we design our city while taking its economy, ecology and life style into consideration. We pay much attention to the driving of new industry to the city economy, try to protect the natural resources for a better ecological environment and design the city space based on human needs. We take full advantage of the local feature and tradition, explore historical and cultural resources, design a city according to its uniqueness and build its window to the outside world. During the protection of the old city areas, we transfer and diminish the differences between old areas and the new ones, trying to protect the historically valuable “old” elements so that they can keep their new energy in the construction of the “new” city. In this way, we can better pass the historical tradition and interweave every part of a city into one organic body. We will seize the opportunity brought by the time in the construction of the new city, take full advantage to caster the regional economic development, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of a city and each area, make them become the key part of the around environment and match the current progress of the quick urbanization. We attach much importance to the combination between city and environment in the atmosphere of nature, shape the city space with the theme of nature, take landscape harmony into consideration and create city value throng designation.
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