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我们遵循可持续发展的原则来规划城市和片区,统筹考虑城市的经济、生态和生活,注重新的产业发展对城市经济的带动,保护自然资源从而保证城市享有优良的生 态环境,基于人们的生活需求来设计城市空间。充分利用当地特色和传统,发掘历史文化资源,因地制宜塑造城市个性,从而打造城市的对外窗口。在旧城保护中协 调处理城市的新旧更替,保护城市中有历史价值的“旧”的元素,使之在“新”的城市建设中焕发新的活力,从而更好的传承文脉,使城市的各个部分相互交织成为 有机整体。在新城建设中充分抓住时代赋予的机会,利用自有优势来迎合区域经济发展,提升城市和片区综合竞争力,使之成为周边总体大环境中的重要节点,呼应 当前形势下的快速城市化进程。在自然环境的包围中注重城市与自然的互动和融合,以自然的主题来塑造城市空间,在设计中考虑景观的渗透和互借,通过设计创造 城市价值。

According to the principle of sustainable development, we design our city while taking its economy, ecology and life style into consideration. We pay much attention to the driving of new industry to the city economy, try to protect the natural resources for a better ecological environment and design the city space based on human needs. We take full advantage of the local feature and tradition, explore historical and cultural resources, design a city according to its uniqueness and build its window to the outside world. During the protection of the old city areas, we transfer and diminish the differences between old areas and the new ones, trying to protect the historically valuable “old” elements so that they can keep their new energy in the construction of the “new” city. In this way, we can better pass the historical tradition and interweave every part of a city into one organic body. We will seize the opportunity brought by the time in the construction of the new city, take full advantage to caster the regional economic development, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of a city and each area, make them become the key part of the around environment and match the current progress of the quick urbanization. We attach much importance to the combination between city and environment in the atmosphere of nature, shape the city space with the theme of nature, take landscape harmony into consideration and create city value throng designation.
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