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The high speed urbanization in China catches the world’s eyes. One of the forms of urbanization is multi business style development which also represented by HOPSCA. The HOPSCA is not only one of the important carriers of crucial element of city operation but also the keystone of urbanization. Sunlay HOPSCA design focuses on not only basic form: leisure centre and commercial street which includes: flagships, boutiques, restaurants, cinema; but also complex form that covers offices, apartments and hotels etc. All these HOPSCA composed by single building or building groups. The space is properly designed with a human scale, which provides relax feeling for shopping and communicating. It is the illustration of the city diversity, the “engine” of the economic energy of the city and the radiant point of city value and resources improvement.
The skyscraper is a vertical city led by commercial, office, apartments and hotels. This super vertical city accompanied with midair halls, midair restaurants, entertainment and complex commercial forms, it reflects modern talent from the size, height, form, space and material. The idea of skyscraper meets the idea of our sustainable design of city on some point: advocate the city group of diversity, extensiveness and energy-effectiveness. We combine above ideas together when design a skyscraper, concern at regional centre of a city, part of the regional centre. It is the representative of a city as well as the name card of a city.
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