敬天,求真之基石; 敬人,求善之基石; 敬业,求美之基石。三石成磊,筑就三磊精神。

The core value of SUNLAY is to improve the quality of the built environment and create a better life.

Under the consensus of SUNLAY-spirit: respect the nature, respect the work and respect the people, our professional team, which is full of wisdom, experience and passion, takes on the responsibility to create value. We are good at integrating different factors at each project: cost, market, marketing, culture, context, operation, sustainable development and reaching comprehensive balance. By virtue of professional competence, we aim to build the communication bridge between the interests of the owners, users and public interests,and to seek the perfect solution. To achieve this goal, SUNLAY establishes the four cardinal principles in the planning and design of all projects they are integration of resources, to be people-oriented, innovation and sustainable development.
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